Precious Diamond Tattoos & Meaning

By | September 26, 2019

Is it really anyone who doesn’t love diamonds? The purity of the sheen of diamonds can make you blind and not only vision but with a mind as well. This precious stone is shrouded in mystery this is why we have included diamond tattoo in the list of the most popular symbol tattoos.

There are many beautiful precious and semi-precious stones still only diamond has the blinding sparkle we so much love. As a precious stone, it symbolizes wealth and social status. Diamond is one of the strongest gems. In this term, diamond tattoo symbolizes durability, survival, and strength. The word itself derives means invincible.

In many cultures, the diamond had magic power. The one who carried a diamond was protected from evil. Diamond would also give magical energy and power. The pure sheen and sparkle of the diamond symbolize purity and divinity. While the black diamond symbolizes rebelliousness and the darker side of a man.

Modern diamond tattoos are often pictured with other symbols. You will find beautiful tattoos of diamonds with crowns symbolizing power, wealth and royalty. Diamond in the shape of a heart may be a great choice for matching tattoos symbolizing precious feelings and love.

Due to its shape diamond tattoo will look adorable regardless of its size. You can get a tiny diamond tattoo on finger, wrist, rib or behind the ear while more complex diamond tattoos pictured with other symbols should be placed on larger areas like back, neck, lower back, and foot.