Celebrity Cool Tattoo Designs


Time and again we turn to celebrities for style inspiration. We copy hairstyle, outfit and image and we do hope that we will shine on streets just like they shine on the red carpet. One of the things that we started to copy is celebrity tattoos and guess what, there are some that are really worth to be copied. This gallery of celebrity tattoos includes popular names and cool tattoos you never knew existed.


Celebrity Tattoos Kat Von D

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin 

We knew that those two are too close and they are spotted often together but we were pretty surprised to see new matching tattoo in the form of broken heart. Those tiny tattoos are hidden and still they are perfect to symbolize true friendship.

Celebrity Tattoos Kendall Jenner


Tattoo in palm is one of the unique ways to stand out and Kesha is a proud owner of similar tattoo.

Celebrity Tattoos Kesha

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has an amazing idea for wrist tattoo. She beautifully wears quote tattoos on wrists.

Celebrity Tattoos Lindsay Lohan

Mena Suvari

Here is another cool quote tattoo by Mena Suvari that symbolizes three best things one should have in life; word, sound and power

Celebrity Tattoos Mena Suvari


This is the name synonym to sexuality and femininity. Now her name is connected with the hottest tattoo styles that are decorating her sexy body. She has got number tattoo on her foot symbolizing the year she was born, traditional Egyptian tattoo, “gangsta” tattoo and much more.

Celebrity Tattoos Rihanna

Sarah Hyland

Sarah is the owner of a tiny bird tattoo behind ear. This symbolic hummingbird tattoo looks adoreble regardless of its shape.

Celebrity Tattoos Sarah Hyland

Victoria Beckham

This couple is the symbol of love and loyalty. Moreover they are the icon of style always inspiring with their unique images and no wonder why they are included in this list as the owners of the coolest tattoos. David has body fully covered with tattoos while gentle body of Victoria decorates quote tattoo on spine.

Celebrity Tattoos Victoria Beckham

Ed Sheeran

Talented singer and now the part of Game of Thrones family has got a fantastic tattoo right on the chest. Massive realistic lion tattoo is often discussed and the artist never misses his chance to show off with his super cool tattoo.

Celebrity Tattoos

Angelina Jolie

We just couldn’t forget about this beauty diva and her countless tattoos. During her career and romantic affairs the number of her tattoos changed and today we have a flawless body decorated with so many unique tattoos.
Celebrity Tattoos Angelina Jolie

Cher Lloyd

Creative style of Hamsa tattoo is covering beautiful body of Cher. This is the fist tattoo she has got after becoming popular and we are now waiting for new images.

Celebrity Tattoos Cher Lloyd

Dwayne Johnson

His name is connected with power and masculinity while traditional Polynesian tattoo covering is shoulder makes his image even more complete.

Celebrity Tattoos Dwayne Johnson

Iggy Azalea

This unique artist stands out not only with her talent but also with her unique tattoo on wrist. She is wearing the image of goddess Venus.

Celebrity Tattoos Iggy Azalea

Justin Bieber

Pop star continues covering this body with new tattoos and we are waiting for new pictures of tattoos. The newest tattoo is G letter on his arm and it looks pretty cool together with other tattoos on sleeve.

Celebrity Tattoos Justin Bieber


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