30 Awesome snake tattoo on arm

Snake tattoo on arm is one of the most controversial and mysterious tattoo designs in 2018 tattoo trends. There are more than 3000 species of snakes and every single one is unique in its type. No matter which snake you have chosen to get inked there is general symbolism that concerns to all types of snakes. We have put together both positive and negative sides of snake tattoo as well as created the gallery of 30 awesome snake tattoo on arm designs to help you choose the best option for you.

The snake symbol was found in most ancient civilizations including Egyptians and Mayas. Egyptians worshiped snake as one of the gods and used its image to crown pharaoh. Still, snake was also associated with murder and suicidal rituals as well.

Snake is the symbol of temptation in Abrahamic religions. The snake who tempted Adam and Eve with an apple is picture as evil force and symbolizes sexual desire and temptation. The image of snake is an important symbol of traditional Chinese and Japanese tattoos. They are pictured in bright colors with mouth wide open and fierce teeth. In Asian culture snake symbolizes healing and purification. Some of the other meanings of snake include protection, transformation, magic, fertility, rebirth, revenge.

If you have chosen snake tattoo it will mean that you have dark secrets hidden. Well, even if you don’t have secrets snake tattoo will look cool and impressive.

The shape of snake tattoo makes it possible to wear it as am armband and wristband. It can also be inked on finger and hand.