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Universal language that is no longer alive has now become popular tattoo language. Today there can be found tattoos of popular Latin idioms and expressions related to life, love, faith, honor and etc. those quotes become motto, motivation and may even change your life.

quote tattoo on sleeve

In spite of the fact that Latin is a dead language and it is not used every day, it is very easy to translate with existing information. Thus, there is no risk of wearing tattoo meaning “your mommy’s socks” or something like that. While Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese quote tattoos are included in the risk group.

For Latin quote tattoo try to find already existing quote and never try to create a motto with Latin words. Otherwise you can end up with a nonsense. Fortunately you will find a lot of information with popular Latin quotes for tattoo. The only thing to be done is to figure out the message you want to tell with your quote tattoo and the font of tattoo. Whether it is Latin or English quote tattoo the font should easily read at least if you want to deliver you message. So try to choose font without additional curves and twists. The simpler the better.

Here are some popular Latin quotes that will be perfect as a tattoo.

Audax at fidelis (Bold but faithful)

Luctor et emergo (I struggle and emerge)

Non ducor duco (I am not led; I lead)

Semper ad meliora (Always towards better things)

Veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)

Dum spiro, spero (While there is life, there is hope)

Facilius est vitae risus (Life is easier with a smile)

Odi et amo (I hate and I love)

Fortunam iuuare (Fortune favors the bold)

Lorem fugere discamus (I’ll learn how to fly)

Faber est quisque fortunae suae (Every man is architect of his own fortune)

Qui estis (Be who you are)

Sed ego laboro supersunt (I struggle but I’ll survive)

Nunc aut numquam (Now or never)

Carpe vinum (Seize the wine)

Amantium lunaticos (Lovers are lunatics)

Veritas lux mea est (Truth is my light)


quote tattoo on rib

quote tattoo on rib

quote tattoo on wrist

quote tattoo on rib

quote tattoo on sleeve

quote tattoo on sleeve

quote tattoo on wrist

quote tattoo on sleeve

quote tattoo on sleeve

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