Flower Tattoos

Attractive Rib Tattoos 2018

flower tattoo

One of the most appealing and sexual tattoo types is rib tattoo for men and women. Do you know what is the best thing about rib tattoo? It can be the craziest tattoo style and cover the rib going down to lower back and still is it invisible as long as you want to hide it. Well this is the main problem of getting tattooed; there are still people who take body art as something extraordinary and they are in our society. Most of you may have thought about getting tattooed still stay away from such serious step just because of the fear being misunderstood. Now we have a great idea for you. Check out those super trendy rib tattoo designs 2018 from the leading tattoo artists. 

Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos for Women

lower back tattoo

Lower back tattoo is one of the most tempting tattoo styles that woman could get as body decoration. Whether you have chosen a tiny sign tattoo or a whole composition on your lower tattoo, it will look adorable. We hope that after looking through the pictures of these beautiful lower back tattoos for women you will think over of getting similar sexy tattoo.

Cute Hummingbird Tattoo Designs for Women

hummingbird tattoo 2018

The tiniest bird in the world still carries strong symbolism as a tattoo this is why we so often see those beautiful creatures decorating bodies. Gentle hummingbird is found in many legends as the messengers of heaven and much more. Thinking over of getting new bird tattoo? Why not to consider hummingbird tattoo as a perfect option for you? Those beautiful hummingbird tattoos 2018 for women will surely inspire you.

Cool Face Tattoo Designs

face tattoo for women

It seems that 21st century cannot surprise us anymore. We have seen all the craziest clothes on fashion shows and the complete palette of hair colors and, of course, we have seen all the craziest tattoos. Still, we cannot go by without staring at people wearing face tattoo. Yes, I know it is impolite staring at someone but, hey, have you ever tried to go by without staring at someone with a cool tattoo on face? Well, this isn’t easy but you can practice by looking back and forth this collection of super cool and mind blowing face tattoos.

Top 25 Best Armband Tattoos

armband tattoo for men

While we are looking through traditional and classy tattoo designs every day new styles are coming forward. It is time to leave aside classy styles and turn to modern tattoo designs that are truly noteworthy. One of 2018 tattoo trends that is perfect for men and women is armband tattoo that has got so many styles. Top 25 best armband tattoos include some really cool and stylish examples of new armband tattoos for any taste.

Top 20 Incredible Money Tattoos

dollar sign tattoo

There are unique sign tattoos that always stand out from the rest designs with its symbolism and meaning. One of such special tattoos is money tattoo design that impresses not only with look but also meaning. Top 20 incredible money and dollar sign tattoos offer you to get tattooing into a new level with this special symbol tattoo.

Cool Temporary Tattoo Ideas


Temporary tattoo is one of the best innovations in modern tattoo trends that makes it possible to get your desired tattoo even if it is temporary. Many of you have always dreamt of wearing super cool tattoo yet there can be thousand life situations that make it impossible to wear a tattoo. Fortunately the technologies constantly develop and temporary tattoo was just a matter of time.

Temporary Tattoos 2018 for Women

flash tattoos for women


What is the best thing about beautiful tattoo for a woman? Tattoo is meant to decorate body, makes it more sexual and attractive as well as complete image. The only thing that makes most of you stay away from body inking is the permanency of a tattoo and the idea of seeing that picture till the end of your life. True tattoo addicts take it as an advantage but there are also people not ready for dramatic changes. For those who desire to have a tattoo even for a while there is a wonderful trick called temporary tattoo. Sound cool. Hah?