Flash Tattoos

20 Popular Finger Tattoos

fimger tattoo

Finger tattoos are one of the most elegant and at the same time one of the most daring tattoo styles found in 2018 tattoo trends. We are used to decorate fingers with rings yet this century dictates us to take body decoration to the next level and get tattoo instead of accessories and jewelry. In this term, flash tattoos and temporary tattoos are great options for body decorations. We will talk flash tattoos later and now, as true tattoo lovers, let’s check out those crazy finger tattoos for men and women.

New Metallic Flash Tattoos

flash tattoos

Once tattoo was unaccepted in most societies and if one had a tattoo he either hid it with great care or was out of law. Today, fortunately, tattoo is not a rare thing and you can see tattooed men and women on the streets and do nothing but enjoy tattoos. Sometimes we feel single tattoo is not enough and we crave for another one and the temptation gets harder. Getting full body tattooed is a radical decision that not everyone can go for. What can we do in this case? Temporary tattoos are great innovations that can provide you with instant makeover without any pain and risk.

Gold Flash Tattoo Trends

flash tattoos

Flash tattoos are the top popular tattoo – accessories seen around the last couple of years and for 2018 year too they are going to rock. Gold flash tattoos are standing on the top of popularity as one of the best choices for girls. They look like jewelry. No, actually they look even better when applied on sexy tanned skin and with a gold flash tattoo you will become the queen of the beach. Still don’t know how to wear gold flash tattoo and look fabulous? Here are some beauty tips and really cool flash tattoo ideas 2018.

New Flash Tattoos For Women

flash tattoos 2018 for women


Want some extra glamorous look for coming summer? Well have great offer for you. Flash tattoos that have been around for couple of years are getting even more popular. Those glitter accessories on your body look noting but luxurious so why not to pamper your look with those shiny stickers. Foe your insoeation we have pur together some of the sexiest beach looks with flash tattoos as well as beauty hacks to wear flash tattoo in the right way.