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Body inking have been around for thousands of years and it carried totally different role. Tribes inked body with symbols for protection and status in society. Today, traditional tribal tattoos still carry the same meaning and symbolism, plus, they are chosen for being impressive and unique. One of the most popular tribal tattoos in 2018 tattoo trends are Polynesian tribal tattoos that stand out with their unique symbolism.

Stringray Tattoo for women

Polynesian tattoos represent ocean creatures and unique symbols that create a whole composition with complicated meaning. One of such special tribal tattoos is stingray tattoo that is done in the style of sea creature with tribal symbols.

Stingray tattoo is one of the most interesting and attractive tribal tattoos that is popular far beyond the Polynesian islands. Stingray tattoo carries the meaning of speed, protection, peace and friendship. This tattoo may also symbolize your connection with water and nature.

Stingray is very sensitive and immediately feels the danger. In this term stingray tattoo symbolizes your gentle and sensitive nature. Stingray tattoo will characterize you as a calm person that is easily blended in the crowd.

Where to get stingray tribal tatoo? The shape of the stingray tattoo is perfect to place it on back and neck, while the reverse style will look amazing on lower back. The shape of stingray will beautifully accentuate the spine and it will look equally smashing on boys and girls. At last, to create true Polynesian traditional tattoo keep up to black color and no shading. If you are looking for something colorful you can check out these pictures of realisting stingray tattoo styles.

Stringray Tattoo on arm1

Stringray Tattoo on back

Stringray Tattoo on back1

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Stringray Tattoo on foot

Stringray Tattoo on foot1

Stringray Tattoo on lower back

Stringray Tattoo on shoulder

Stringray Tattoo on shoulder1

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Stringray Tattoo 2018

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