Top 25 Best Armband Tattoos

By | September 29, 2019

While we are looking through traditional and classy tattoo designs every day new styles are coming forward. It is time to leave aside classy styles and turn to modern tattoo designs that are truly noteworthy. One of 2019 tattoo trends that are perfect for men and women is armband tattoos that has got so many styles.

Top 25 best armband tattoos include some really cool and stylish examples of new tattoos for any taste.

Armband tattoo gains more and more popularity not only due to its modern look but also its placement. Armband tattoo can be easily hidden under clothing if needed and easily shown. Armband tattoo is more like an accessory; it looks like a bracelet decorating arm. Girls often choose flower armband tattoos for an aesthetic look. Minimalistic flowers around arm look gentle and stylish. Plus, a similar tattoo gets the meaning and symbolism of flower pictured in armband tattoo.

The next popular style of armband tattoos is blackwork tattoo that looks amazing when combined with dotwork. Thick black band around arm looks minimalistic and impressive. Fading dotwork is a finishing detail to super stylish tattoo. The single thin line is another option for armband tattoo. Be it a single line or several simple lines armband tattoo will never make you get bored.

At last, if you are looking something brighter you can turn to Old School tattoo style and complete your armband tattoo with colorful details like red roses.