Top 20 Love Quote Tattoos


Sign tattoo speaks for itself.  Zodiac sign tattoo carries a complete description of your character and personality. Symbol tattoo can tell about your future, past and goals you have in your life but there is one style of tattoo that is the best one in terms of delivering information. Quote tattoo is the best option to deliver your feelings and your thoughts. Besides, quote tattoos are among the popular tattoo styles for 2018. We have much time to talk about quote tattoos so let’s start from love quote tattoos 2018.

quote tattoo

Love is the only thing that can make us happy. It is the value that cannot be substituted with anything else and carrying the symbol of love on body is the best thing you could do. Of course you can choose heart sign tattoo yet short love quote is more unique.

Quote tattoo looks adorable on any part of body. If it is a short quote tattoo it will look beautiful on wrist while longer quotes are often inked on rip, arm or shoulder.

There are infinite love quote tattoos seen around and you can also create your own quote close to your heart. As a piece of information, check out the following love quotes.

To Love and Be Loved

Love is all you need.

We found love.

Love without cause.

All you need is love.

We accept the love, we think we deserve

We can do small things with great love

Love never ends, it goes on

Always happy in love, never sad

No lies, just love

I love you to no end

Love is the answer. 

quote tattoo for women

quote tattoo on sleeve

quote tattoo on rib

quote tattoo for women

quote tattoo for women

quote tattoo on sleeve

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