Top 20 Incredible Money Tattoos

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There are unique sign tattoos that always stand out from the rest designs with its symbolism and meaning. One of such special tattoos is money tattoo design that impresses not only with look but also meaning. Top 20 incredible money and dollar sign tattoos offer you to get tattooing into a new level with this special symbol tattoo.

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Money is the sign of power, strength, wealth and leadership. Money rules the world and this is the reality. Wearing money sign tattoo carries all the meaning and symbolism of money. This sign tattoo is more common for men cause they wish to show their power and strength more them women.

Sometimes money tattoo is interpreted in the wrong way interpreted as symbolizing something you have or something you want. There are several types of money tattoos and the meaning may be slightly different depending on the style. For example, money bag tattoo symbolizes your hidden nature. Close bag shows that there is treasure and something valuable inside. Money bag tattoo will symbolize your unique nature.

One of the newest designs in 2018 tattoo trends is money flower tattoo. The petals of rose are actually banknotes that look really impressive. Plus the contrast of sensate rose and the power of money may bring out your true nature.

Money is more often pictured with playing cards, devil’s bones, faces, dollar sign, fire, smoke and etc. As it is more common for men, money tattoo looks smashing on sleeve, hand and shoulder. They are massive and mostly in dark colors.

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Money Tattoo 2018

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money tattoo

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Money Tattoos

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