Scorpion Tattoos & Meaning

By | September 22, 2019

Scorpion, one of the most dangerous and deadly poisonous animal, is still chosen as a strong symbol to characterize personality. The symbol of this desert create is found in many cultures with a different meaning. If you have chosen scorpion as a symbol of your new tattoo, you should find out the historical background and the meaning of the tattoo.

The dangerous creature looks pretty impressive. Exotic black scorpion even if it is drawn may scare everyone so once you get a scorpion tattoo to be ready for scaring glimpses.

As a mythological creature scorpion is found in many legends. You will hardly find any Greek mythology where scorpions are not mentioned. Here scorpion carries more negative meaning. On the other hand, in Ancient Egypt scorpion embodied Egyptian goddess who helps helped women while giving birth to a child relieving her pain. Scorpion was also associated with a desert god Set.

It is believed that scorpion never dies but changes renew energy going from one phase to another. Thus, such a symbolic tattoo will serve as a protective totem for you. Scorpion is able to survive the worst days. Such tattoo is the best to characterize you as a fighter who has overcome any obstacle.

Scorpion tattoo is more characteristic for men yet we never forget to mention that tattooing doesn’t accept gender or any other rule so girls can also have scorpion tattoo.