Top 25 Labyrinth Tattoo Ideas & Meaning

By | September 24, 2019

Have you ever get lost in a labyrinth?

It is indeed scary wandering back and forth through the endless loops and narrow passages and at last, you see a light. Dead ends and new passageways are symbolic and can become the image for your incredible tattoo. Labyrinths are mentioned in many ancient cultures and they link to different legends. Wearing a labyrinth tattoo will be one of the most daring choices, yet the result is worth all the risk you take. As an inspiration check out top most daring labyrinth tattoo styles.

The most popular Greek legend where the labyrinth is mentioned is the labyrinth of Minotaur. Here labyrinth carries negative meaning and symbolizes the place for death and torture. Still, labyrinth has the spiritual meaning as well that turns it into a great option for the tattoo.

Wandering about the passages to find the right way symbolizes the life and your choices you do during the whole life. the center of the labyrinth may symbolize your soul and mind that is protected while the process of moving along the maze means self-development.

The complexity of the patterns of labyrinth tattoo makes it possible to get truly unique tattoo that has no identical one. You can even create your personal labyrinth drawing the dead ends and passageways.

Labyrinth tattoos are large and eye-catching. For men, the best option is a massive black labyrinth tattoo in blackwork or dotwork on sleeves, back, and feet. 3D style is also very popular but all these new tattooing techniques are pretty complicated and require high professionalism of a tattoo artist for a flawless look.