Cool Face Tattoo Designs

By | September 28, 2019

It seems that the 21st century cannot surprise us anymore. We have seen all the craziest clothes on fashion shows and the complete palette of hair colors and, of course, we have seen all the craziest tattoos. Still, we cannot go by without staring at people wearing face tattoo. Yes, I know it is impolite staring at someone but, hey, have you ever tried to go by without staring at someone with a cool tattoo on the face? Well, this isn’t easy but you can practice by looking back and forth this collection of super cool and mind-blowing face tattoos.

Once face tattoos were connected with criminal gangs that got special face marks and tattoos as symbols of their bands. Long before criminal bands tribes used to get face marks as the symbol of protection and status. Today face tattoo is more about the aesthetic look. Surely there are sign tattoos that carry meaning as well so everything depends on your purpose.

2018 tattoo trends include some of the craziest tattoos like geometric figures and Mandala in dotwork style. The second one looks less dramatic and sometimes it is quite attractive so if you are thinking about getting a face tattoo you can start with dotwork.

Face tattoo is mostly done in black color especially when it is a sign tattoo or a letter tattoo. Even if it is a monochromatic tattoo it will look bold and you should be ready to be in the limelight. There is always a risk of regretting. You can start with a temporary face tattoo and get used to it.