Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos for Women

By | September 27, 2019

We do love flowers. They smell good and they look very elegant. They remind us of life we are leaving starting from blossoming and ending with fading. The symbolic flower tattoo is present in many cultures carrying different meanings. Besides, every flower and color of flower has its symbolism and meaning. One of the most mysterious and attractive flower tattoos is cherry blossom from Chinese and Japanese culture.

Being the part of Chinese and Japanese culture for thousands of years, cherry blossom tattoos is now popular in western culture as well. Those gentle pale pink flowers last for a few days. The beauty quickly fades and you have so little time to enjoy them.
The meaning of cherry blossom tattoo is connected with a woman’s femininity. The flower embodies woman and her elegance. It is a symbol of virginity and beauty. The period of blossoming symbolizes youth while the fading symbolizes the youth we had.
In spite of the fact that cherry blossom looks feminine and elegant, it is the part of Chinese and Japanese traditional tattoo and often seen in the combination of other tribal symbols in men’s tattoos. In traditional tattoos, cherry blossom carries the meaning of freedom, hope, and life. It may be pictured with Chinese and Japanese dragon, tiger, snake and etc.
As a feminine tattoo cherry blossom tattoo is inked on back, rib, foot, and arm. It can be a single flower or a bunch of cherry blossom and even a cherry tree with blossoms. As a part of traditional Eastern tattoo cherry blossom is pictured on sleeves, shoulders, and back.