Traditional Chinese Sign Tattoos

By | September 15, 2019

Asian culture always attracted western world with its exotic look, rich history and mystery. Chinese traditional tattooing is the part of this rich culture and we have very special place for Chinese tattoos in our collection of best tattoo designs 2019.

Chinese calligraphy is one of the most popular and frequently chosen Chinese tattoo. Unique Chinese calligraphy look more than letters. For us they are true pieces of art. Moreover, the meaning of your tattoo will be hidden as long as you want to keep it secret. They look exclusive still there is always a risk to make a mistake a get a wrong word tattoo. The only way to stay away from risks and mistakes is to consult with a language wearer who will check the word tattoo you have chosen.

Chinese sign tattoo is inked in black without background or combined with other traditional symbols. Picture of a woman or geisha is often seen in collections of Chinese tattoos. If a man has got a Chinese woman tattoo with letters it will symbolize a love to a woman.

Koi fish tattoo is another unique Chinese symbol that has deep meaning and symbolism. Koi fish is the symbol of power and strength. The one who wears koi fish has so much strength to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Chinese dragon tattoo is an amazing symbol of power, independence and courage. Chinese dragon is pictured in black, orange and red colors with fierce eyes and mouth wide open.

Where to get Chinese sign tattoo? There isn’t any rule about the placement of Chinese tattoo so everything depends on the symbol you have chosen. If you have chosen tiny letter you can place it on finger, wrist, neck or hand. More complex tattoos can be inked on back and shoulder.