Tattoo gun and roses

By | September 15, 2019

Gun tattoos are of great popular not only among boys but for girls as well. Such unique criminal symbol tattoo and roses is a gun that has become one of the most frequently seen picture of recent years. Learn the meaning of gun tattoo and check out top popular gun tattoo designs from 2019 tattoo trends.

Gun tattoo and roses is one of the most conflicting symbols that carries both negative and positive meaning and it is up to you to decide whether your tattoo symbolizes your better or worse part. Surprisingly gun symbolizes freedom and courage. Gun reminds you of the precious life that is given to you and you should appreciate. On the other side gun is the symbol of violence, vengeance and authority.

Gun tattoo is one of the popular symbols of Old School tattoo style. Gun is often pictured with roses and bloody heart symbols creating a deep contrast between good and evil. Another popular tattoo style is a revolver pictured with quote tattoo. More often it is a power and life quote that will lead you through your life.

Modern gun tattoo is a tiny minimalistic tattoo mostly inked on finger, hand, wrist and rib. Of course men are likely to choose a big gun tattoo on shoulder, arm, sleeve, rib or back.