Family tree tattoo ideas

Flowers, plants and tree tattoos are quite popular this season. New styles of family tree tattoos are found in 2019 tattoo trends and we have decided to present you a new collection of tattoos from top tattoo artists that present a unique style and meaning.

Tree symbol was present in many cultures carrying the meaning of life. Depending on the type of tree the meaning can slightly change, still there is general symbolism that concerns to all tree tattoos.

Tree symbol is found in cultures of ancient civilizations as the symbol of life, regeneration and rejuvenation. The roots of tree symbolize stability and foundation. Full branches and leaves symbolize social connection and new beginnings.

In Asian cultures cherry tree was the main symbol of life. Cherry tree or sakura is one of the most beautiful trees with gentle pink flowers. Sakura tattoo is pictured with pink blossoms.

The tree of life was found in the culture of ancient Egyptians symbolizing life and death. Modern tree tattoo designs are mostly picturing tree of life that carries deep meaning. Tree of life has roots and branches connected to the roots creating a circle. Tree of life is mostly pictured in black without any shading and details. Still, with the variety of tattoo styles you can find colorful tree tattoo styles with green leaves.

Oak tree is another popular tattoo style that symbolized wisdom, spirituality, strength, patience and victory.

Regardless of the type of tree the tattoo can be both small and large. It both cases tree tattoo will look fantastic. Blackwork style of family tree tattoo inked on wrist and covering the sleeve is one of the most popular designs for men while women choose small tree on back, neck, rib or arm.