blood gang tattoos

By | September 22, 2019

There was a time when even a tiny tattoo was viewed as a blood gang tattoos while the wearer regardless of gender started to be an outlaw. Fortunately, we have survived those decades and today we have a society of tattoo addicts who accept tattooing as a unique form of art. Today there is a separate category of gang tattoos chosen for a certain reason to mark a person belonging to this or that gang group. Those tattoos are done for a purpose and the wearer is completely responsible for the tattoo he is wearing. And yes, gang tattoos are more common for men.

Gang and prison tattoo is a special language or a code that can tell much about the person; for example, which gang he belongs to or what is his crime. blood gang tattoos are mostly letters and numbers like 000, 023, 006, 6-6-6, 14, 7, RRR and etc.

One of the most controversial criminal tattoos popular around is teardrop face tattoo. Teardrop is inked under one symbolizing that the person has spent time in jail. Teardrop tattoo may mean that the person has lost loved one or killed someone.

In spite of the bold look of criminal tattoos, they are done on the most visible places like face, hands and fingers, neck and going further covering the whole body. Such kind of tattoo can change your life and even become an obstacle if one day you decide to change your life.