Tribal Tattoos

Cool Face Tattoo Designs

face tattoo for women

It seems that 21st century cannot surprise us anymore. We have seen all the craziest clothes on fashion shows and the complete palette of hair colors and, of course, we have seen all the craziest tattoos. Still, we cannot go by without staring at people wearing face tattoo. Yes, I know it is impolite staring at someone but, hey, have you ever tried to go by without staring at someone with a cool tattoo on face? Well, this isn’t easy but you can practice by looking back and forth this collection of super cool and mind blowing face tattoos.

Tribal Stringray Tattoo Ideas

Stringray Tattoo2018

Body inking have been around for thousands of years and it carried totally different role. Tribes inked body with symbols for protection and status in society. Today, traditional tribal tattoos still carry the same meaning and symbolism, plus, they are chosen for being impressive and unique. One of the most popular tribal tattoos in 2018 tattoo trends are Polynesian tribal tattoos that stand out with their unique symbolism.

Celebrity Cool Tattoo Designs


Time and again we turn to celebrities for style inspiration. We copy hairstyle, outfit and image and we do hope that we will shine on streets just like they shine on the red carpet. One of the things that we started to copy is celebrity tattoos and guess what, there are some that are really worth to be copied. This gallery of celebrity tattoos includes popular names and cool tattoos you never knew existed.

Amazing Sleeve Tattoos 2018 for Men

Sleeve Tattoos 2018 for Men

What makes a man look brutal and sexy? For some it is a beard and muscles, for the others it is stylish clothing and perfume. For tattoo addicts nothing may look sexier than a tattoo and men with tattoos always enjoy much attention. We are not talking about tiny tattoo on a massive body but those impressive and eye catching pictures covering body. The most popular types of tattoos for men are sleeve tattoos that cover the whole sleeve from shoulder to wrist. There are infinite styles of amazing sleeve tattoos 2018 for men and you have so many ways to create a masterpiece. What we can do is to give you some ideas of sleeve tattoos.