Men Tattoos

Unique Mandala Tattoo Designs

mandala tattoo for men


Geometric and pattern tattoos are among the most popular and trending tattoo designs of 2018. They are complicated and mind blowing moreover, every single line of geometric and patterned tattoos have special meaning. There is a style of tattoo combining the perfection of geometric figures and aesthetic touch of patterns called Mandala and this is a choice for women. We have put together the best ideas of Mandala tattoos 2018 for both men and women.

Best Tiger Tattoos for Men

tiger tattoo on sleeve


One of the strongest symbol tattoos that is the part of tattoo culture is tiger tattoo. The animal was the part of ancient symbolizing the best qualities and today it is one of best animal tattoo ideas. We have searched the web and the works of best tattoo artists to bring together the examples of the best tiger tattoos for men.

Amazing Sleeve Tattoos 2018 for Men

Sleeve Tattoos 2018 for Men

What makes a man look brutal and sexy? For some it is a beard and muscles, for the others it is stylish clothing and perfume. For tattoo addicts nothing may look sexier than a tattoo and men with tattoos always enjoy much attention. We are not talking about tiny tattoo on a massive body but those impressive and eye catching pictures covering body. The most popular types of tattoos for men are sleeve tattoos that cover the whole sleeve from shoulder to wrist. There are infinite styles of amazing sleeve tattoos 2018 for men and you have so many ways to create a masterpiece. What we can do is to give you some ideas of sleeve tattoos.