Unique tattoos

Unique Tattoos are very personal. Which is why when deciding on what design you want for your first or even your second or third tattoo it takes time and effort to scope out the right one for you. Don’t go into a tattoo palor and look through the many already used designs that someone already has on their skin.

Unique Hindu Symbol Tattoos

Hinduism is one of the religions that is full of symbolism and signs. Most Hindu symbols are used for body art carrying all the philosophy of Hinduism and the meaning of the symbol. Here are some interesting Hindu symbols that can be great options for creative tattoo art.

Om Hindu Symbol Tattoo

One of the most popular Hindu symbol unique tattoos is Om symbol. The word is used in meditation. It is the first word in all prayers symbolizing the universe and ultimate reality. Om stands for the three aspects of God; the Brahma, the Vishny and the Shiva.

The Sri Yantra Symbol Tattoo

Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra represents nine triangles interlocked radiating in the center. Four upper triangles symbolize masculine side of the god Shiva, five triangles symbolize the Shakti, feminine part. The symbol Sri Yantra represents the divine harmony of feminine and masculine sides. It is the symbol of unity in universe.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower is the main symbol of Buddha. The color of lotus symbolizes different notions. For instance, the pink lotus flower is the symbol of the perfection of Buddha. The red flower symbolizes love, feelings and passion.

The Trishula Symbol

The Trident symbolizes the Trinity of Brahma, Mahesh and Vishnu. It is associated with Lord Shiva. The Trinity of Brahma symbolizes the balance between destruction, creation and preservation. It is also interpreted as the balance of three facets of consciousness; affection, conation and cognition.

Unique Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos are so controversial. They look impressive and carry very special meaning yet body art is not quite accepted. When it comes to Islam and Judaism, tattoos are not just forbidden; those who are getting body marks are punished so even if you find someone with body mark, it is more likely to be hidden. For Christians, body inking is not a deadly sin and they are both positive and negative feedback. As a true tattoo lover we are quite positive about religious tattoos and religious quote tattoos and we have put together the best tattoo designs for you.

Unique Religious tattoos are so versatile. You may choose from a complicated design that pictures scene from Bible, angels and saints. It may also be a minimalistic cross tattoo as a symbol of your faith and religion. Men more often choose massive tattoo designs that cover sleeves, shoulder, chest or back.

Religious tattoos regardless of religion are mostly inked in black color. Such thematic tattoos are accepted more serious than any other tattoo design. They are inked in realistic style this is why tattooing process is long and requires professional skills of tattoo artist.

Religious Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoo is definitely the most popular design with religious theme. The simple yet very special tattoo is chosen by men and women. Simple cross tattoo can be inked on finger, wrist, neck, sleeve and rib. The cross tattoo may also symbolize the person you have lost. Often cross tattoo is inked with a date and name or letters.

Religious Quote Tattoos

Last but not least religious tattoo styles from 2018 tattoo trends are religious tattoo designs. Most frequently used quotes from Bible are used as quote tattoos to symbolize you deep faith. Those tattoos are meant to guide and help you in difficult moments.

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